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 Art & Branding 


Come for the Art. Stay for the Community.

Art and Community are the foundations on which we wanted to build Drill Club. We wanted to come up with a PFP that is ape, that has swag, that has humour, that has emotions, that says i belong to Wall Street, that says I belong to Crypto Twitter and that says I am a Solana enthusiast at heart. We wanted to create an art that looks expensive in taste, an art that is soo detailed it looks like a work of art. Art that is inspired from popular WSB culture like meme stocks, art that is inspired from the most expensive NFTs ever sold on any blockchain, an artwork that the future artist could inspire from. We wanted to create an artwork that does’nt look like just an art hobby but something that looks like a brand itself. We wanted to create artwork that connects people across twitter and creates a great community. Community of hustlers ( drillers ), grinders, innovators, crypto enthusiasts, NFT enthusiasts, new comers, degenerates, OGs, artists, investors, founders, leaders, apes, whales, gods, NFT floor sweepers, everyone. Community that tweets everyday, grinds everyday, GMs everyday, raids everyday. Community that drills on weekends too. Community that lives at opposite time zones and grinds at 3:00 AM. Community that still believes NFTs are the future. Community that believes Solana NFTs will thrive. Community that still believes we are early. Community that believes we are here to stay! Community who is diamond handed. Community who is not for the weak hearted. Community that believes in Drill Club to the Moon. Community that takes pride  in being part of the Drill Club. Community that came for the Art but stayed for the community.


What We Offer

With DC, you can expect the same great artwork, strong community, token based utilities and exciting future collaborations.


Creating the Ideal

DC is about creating the perfect RÉ-NAO: a fun, lively space with an inviting vibe that makes you want to be there.


Art Matters

In the hustle & bustle of Meta & Multichains, DAOs & Degens, Crashes & Capitulations, where the importance of art is getting overshadowed, DC is determined to bring it back because it is built on the strong belief that it all starts with a good PFP.

IMG_6234 2.PNG

Collection of 9669

DC is a collection of 9669 strong and vibrant Mandrills who believe in the Drill, Chill & Vibe culture and strive to create a positive and inclusive space for everyone.


Utility beyond PFP Art.

Our utility goes beyond just being a unique PFP. We offer staking and token opportunities, live events, collaborations, and holder exclusive merchandise, all powered by $Drill Token. We are dedicated to constantly creating more reasons to buy and hold, making DC a valuable asset for any holder and a shining example of a strong community. 



The word mandrill is derived from the English words man and drill—the latter meaning 'baboon' or 'ape' , translating to Man Ape

We chose Mandrill as the NFT character for Drill Club due to its unique characteristics and ethical responsibility. We wanted to introduce a new, powerful ape character to Solana, and Mandrill perfectly fit the bill. Its name, derived from the English words "man" and "drill" (latter meaning 'baboon' or 'ape'), makes it a relatable and fitting choice for a web3 persona. The mandrill's striking appearance, with its colorful face and body, also makes it a visually memorable choice for a pfp NFT character. In addition, the social nature of mandrills, living in large groups called troops, aligns with the communal atmosphere of Drill Club. Most importantly, the mandrill is not an endangered species, allowing us to use it as our NFT character without causing harm. Overall, the mandrill's unique attributes and ethical consideration makes it the perfect choice for our Drill Club NFT character. We were excited to use an ape character that had not been done before, and the mandrill exceeded our expectations.


Our primary branding colour is Vivid Tangelo, a bright and bold shade of orange. This color exudes energy, warmth, and fun, and is sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees it. Its vibrant and lively nature makes it a perfect choice for conveying a sense of positivity and excitement through our branding. Vivid tangelo is also the opposite color on the color wheel to Button Blue ( the branding colour for twitter), which means it is complementary to it.The color Vivid Tangelo is represented by the hex code #F26E1D. Its RGB values are (242, 110, 29), which means it is made up of 64% red, 29% green, and 8% blue.

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